Since 2001 RollCall customers have gotten used to hearing these words:

  • Sure!

  • Why Not?!

  • I’ll be glad to show you how easy this can be!

  • Yes, I can do it in Excel for you AND send it monthly.

  • No there’s no charge!

  • I’ll start your recording for you and make sure the call starts ok!

Hi, this is Kenny Lane and I am the Director of RollCall Business Conferencing.

Kenny in Moscow

You already know what Telephone Conferencing Service is AND you know what Webinars are and-really-they’re pretty much all the same, aren’t they?

But you know what is different?   The people that answer the phones and the kind of emails that they send.

We don’t have ticket numbers-We don’t route to our supervisors for approval-All RollCall employees are empowered to address your questions now!

We don’t make you wait¬†WE JUST DO IT!

This what I like to call “Frictionless Conferencing”.

If you would like to experience “Frictionless Conferencing” for yourself with the people who enjoy saying “Yes”

Call us at 800-500-7045 and ask for a Free Trial!